Lavender Days

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and picture

A beautiful warm sunny day.

You hear bees buzzing, there is a slight breeze rustling the leaves in the trees above.

You open your eyes and there is a field of purple flowers in front of you and the sweet earthy floral smell of Lavender fills your senses.

That is my bliss!

Lavender is one of my all time favourite flowers, it brings back memories of my Aunty Jo whom I spent a lot of time with when I was a child and teenager.

My Aunty Jo was a huge fan of lavender, she had a huge big bowl of dried lavender petals sitting on her coffee table that you could sweep your fingers through to release the fagrance. Aunty Jo always collected and dried flowers to make potpouri, whenever she stayed at my Nana’s there always seemed to be petals drying on some windowsill. She showed us (my cousin and I) how to do this along with making handmade paper which also included lavender and rose petals.

She also collected and array of amazing things from secondhand stores. I can just imagine the second hand shop roadtrips we would have done together when I was an adult if she was still alive. I really do think I get my love of ‘old things’ from all her stories and places she would take me to in the weekends. She was also an avid photographer, which meant we would drive to random places with old buildings, sometimes I would find this highly boring but I have a wealth of local history stored in my brain.

It’s not surprising that Lavender is also my favourite Essential Oil. Along with the many memories it brings me it also has a host of uses from creating a relaxing environment to DIY products you can make at home including perfume, balms, bath bombs, creams and it can be used in cooking.

Over the past year I have been buying and using doTERRA essential oils as a whole sale customer, I have now made the decision to start sharing my new hobby of making and creating with essential oils. It’s also a nice way to start writing again.

doTERRA Lavender essential oil is distilled from the freshly harvested flowering tops of the True Lavender plant (also known as English Lavender) from lavender farms in Bulgaria, France, and other areas of the world. It actually takes 35 pounds of Lavender flowers to produce just one 15mL bottle of Lavender oil. This is why in my opinion essential oils really should be treated as little gifts from nature.

For my first recipe I will share a very simple and useful if you only ever buy a couple of essential oils, relaxing Lavender roller bottle. Roller bottles can be purchased online. I have found some great suppliers that have easy sites to navigate and you can order in smaller batches which is good when you are starting out. I’m not affiliated with these sites, I just want to promote local, NZ businesses.

Essential Oil Supplies NZ

Lotus Oils

Relaxing Lavender Roller Bottle

Take a 10ml Roller Bottle.

Add 8-10 drops of doTERRA Lavender essential oil.

Top up the bottle with a carrier oil of your choice, I use Fractionated Coconut oil, which is a liquid coconut oil.

Pop on the cap and you are ready to go.

I roll Lavender oil on my feet at bedtime, and down the spine of my back. If I am feeling nervous I rob down my spine and just behind my right ear.

Remember less is more, you only need a little bit.

Please note this dilution is made for an adult. Please see dilution guidelines at the bottom of this blog.

Starting out with Essential Oils can be a a little overwhelming, there is so much information out there, with this blog I intend to show you some simple ways of bringing essential oils into your home to use yourself and with family.

If you like more information about purchasing doTERRA essential oils, please get in touch here. or follow on along on Instagram

Dilution Guidelines 10ml Roller Bottle

  • Birth to 12 Months 1 drop
  • 1 to 5 years 2 drops
  • 6 to 11 years 4 drops
  • 12 years plus 10 drops

Top bottle with carrier oil of your choice.

Pure Essential Oils are potent and should be used with care. Always use with a carrier oil and spot test if you have sensitive skin.

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