How to make Essential Oil Bath Bombs

I love receiving homemade gifts, it always makes me feel that extra bit special that someone has gone to the effort of making something for me.

Since using essential oils in our home and along with a few other staple items I now keep stocked in the cupboard I too can be creative with homemade gifts. I also like to keep a collection of different sized jars and some pretty fabric for wrapping, cute papers and stickers are always good to have stashed away.

Today I am sharing my homemade bath bomb recipe that I use to make gifts for friends, however this time we made them for us to use in our outdoor bath. This recipe uses items that you should find in your pantry. If you plan on making lots of them, I find that buying from bulk bin supplies makes it way cheaper.


200g Baking Soda
100g Cornflour
100g Epsom Salts
100g Citric Acid **** (see recipe as to when to add this in)
15ml Fractionated coconut Oil or other oils of your choice.
20-25 drops of essential oils of your choice or a mixture 10 drops of each (experiment).
5-10ml Water – be careful to NOT add too much at first or you’ll end up with a fizzy mess. (I like to use a small spray bottle)
Dried flowers, such as lavender or rose or dried citrus peel finely chopped.
Silicon mould or you can make free form balls.

  • Put all the dry ingredients except the citric acid into your food processor and whizz fast to combine.
  • Mix 5ml water, oil, and essential oil together and slowly pour into the dry ingredients while you have the motor on.
  • You should now have a powder which when you squeeze really hard will compact. If not you need to add another 5ml of water. It might seem dry but you need to keep it as dry as possible so that the ingredients don’t react.
  • Now add the citric acid and whizz to combine.
  • Pour into a bowl and add dried flowers or citrus pieces, give the mixture a quick mix.
  • Compact tightly into your moulds or (if you don’t have moulds) squeeze the powder really hard with your hands until it compacts,  then place on a kitchen towel to dry for 24 hours. To store place in an airtight container.

Some of my favourite blends are:

  • 10 drops lavender, 6 drops Rosemary (Spa blend)
  • 20 drops of doTERRA Balance Blend (Grounding blend)
  • 10 drops doTERRA Easy Air, 10 drops Lavender (Winter Nights blend)
  • 10 drops Lime, 10 drops Grapefruit (Citrus Zest blend)

If you like more information about purchasing doTERRA essential oils, please get in touch here. or follow on along on Instagram


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