Beckah Handmade 100% Beeswax Candles

Hello and welcome to Beckah.   Small batch, hand poured beeswax candles made right here in the beautiful Central Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.  My candles are made from 100% locally sourced beeswax and I use cotton wicks.

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I have been dabbling with candle making for a a few years now, making my own smaller tealights and rolling candles which we use on the dinner table for our evening meal, birthdays and times of celebrations.   These are the times we connect as a family and lighting a candle is part of that connection ritual.

Since I have become a Mum nearly nine years ago, I’ve had an interest in attachment theory, creating ritual and connections within families.   As we all know there is a need for parents to both work full or part time jobs and with the increase of screens and social media we have less real face to face connection.   As they say, if you want to change the world, start in your own home and what better way than sharing our love for candle light.

Beckah Candles are made for you to use everyday, to help create family rituals, traditions and memories.  Beckah Candles can also be used for times of quiet and contemplation or remembering loved ones who have passed. 

My goal is to make beautiful candles for you to use everyday with your families at home.

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