Grounding myself in Joy – Holding space in times of change

As I was taking a break in the sun today I scrolled through my Instagram feed and saw this beautiful quote, which really resonated with me at this time and place I am in now.

“I regularly go through periods of not knowing who I am anymore. I always ground myself in the following question. What brings me joy? I immerse myself in that thing until I feel myself again”. Tutu Mora Instagram

Credit to Tutu Mora on Instagram.

I currently am in that stage of my life where I do feel lost in who I am, or who I am meant to be. Frankie is now at school and I am no longer a Mum of pre-schoolers, which has been my life for eight years. Eight years is a good chunk of time where I have had someone home with me the majority of the week, being part of playcentre, kindergarten, play groups, mums groups and then it all suddenly stops and there you are, a School Mum and a big hole of where life used to be.

I had a conversations with a friend last year about how it was all going to change when Frankie headed off to school this year, about how do we (Mums) adjust to those big changes? From having our children with us and then they are off to school five days a week and then there are the questions about returning to work and juggling work with school age children, sickness, after school sports. But apart for the returning to work conversation, do we talk about that huge hole that is now there is front of us, where before it was filled with all the beautiful things that Mums do with pre-schoolers.

So instead of filling that hole with work, with consumerism, with expectation from the outside world I think we do need to instead talk about it and take some time to fill that gap in our lives with with all the joyful things that make us content, so that we can thrive in the next stage of parenting and life. So I wrote a list.

What brings me joy.

  • Reading
  • Searching for books in the library, bookstores or online.
  • Harvesting my own garden for fruit and vegetables
  • Foraging for plants and fruits in parks, the river and on country roads
  • Making new essential oil roller bottles
  • Watching my children create
  • Drinking coffee first thing in the morning
  • Feeling the sun stream through the kitchen window in the morning
  • Crafting, making and sewing
  • Music
  • Weeding my garden so all the beautiful plants have space to grow and shine
  • Cooking from a recipe book
  • Learning something new
  • Sitting in the Sunshine
  • Setting the table for dinner
  • My sleep ritual and having heavy blankets to sleep under

When I start making my list, some thoughts came to me.

  • This list could take up my entire blog post
  • Is it that simple, just live my life and immerse myself back into those joyful moments
  • These things have always brought me joy
  • These are all part of my everyday life

As I pondered all this, I felt the cool breeze on my arms, again I realised I could write another list of all the things things that brought me joy just in this moment right now as I type this sentence.

I just need to hold space.

What brings you joy? Have you sat down and written a list of all that brings you joy each day? Let me know.


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