Five and a half years in a blink.

Five and a half years feels like it has gone in a blink of an eye. Frankie was off to school this week with her big brother and so far she is going great. One of the things I was the most worried about was her lacking a little confidence in group and unknown situations, however without me around she seems to excel and become the confident girl she is at home.

I still believe that being able to have that little extra time at home, playcentre and playgroup gives children that huge advantage, even if its a few months. Also starting at the beginning of the year when there are many new children settling into the school environment.

Last year was a huge year for our family, we made a decision to move towns, and although we haven’t found our perfect piece of land, we did buy a beautiful home in town that is so peaceful with it’s lovely established gardens and trees in a quiet part of our rural town. Our home was built in 1915 so it has loads of original character but with a few modern updates so the house is warmer and slightly bigger than when it was first built.

White Roses with White Character home. Beautiful early summer gardens

My new hobby is to care for the roses that were already planted and create more cottage gardens with cutting flower beds planted throughout. I have made room at one end of the section for a large vegetable garden and we have berries and a number of fruit trees. Apart from the the fact we are still living in town, I really think we did strike gold in finding this property to buy.

So where to from here. Something I wanted to make time for when Frankie headed to school was writing my blog again, I have always enjoyed writing this blog, along with meeting people through blogging it also gave me a lot of opportunities that wouldn’t have come my way had I not put myself out there. I also like the slower pace of blogging and sharing through a web page such as WordPress, and you the reader also don’t have to have social media accounts to access my blog. My new years resolution was to read more books and scroll less social media, I am already on the way with reading seven books this summer and removing the Facebook App from my phone. I still use Instagram and I do check Facebook sporadically but I do notice a change in myself from not using Facebook and scrolling down rabbit holes.

The back garden planted with corn and other later summer vegetables. This variety is a popping corn for the kids to harvest.

As in the past my blog will evolve, I have some ideas of where I would like it to go but last year when I read a number of blogs myself I thought more about how I enjoyed reading every day stories, rather than opinions on topical issues or parenting and schooling and things that we so commonly get bombarded with. So this year I do intend to write more about every day life, because for me that is where I get joy. As in the past I have always tried to write from a positive frame of mind, to be more uplifting, its never my intention to look or be better than others, I know when we share on the internet we can be just sharing a happy moment but other people will take it differently, I understand because like everyone I can go down the spiral of comparison too.

So from here it begins, my updated blog and onto the next chapter.


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