Wandering Stones

This week I was introduced by a fellow mum friend to a facebook group ‘Hawkes Bay Wandering Stones’. Basically, what the members do is paint rocks and hide them in parks around Hawkes Bay (and further afield). They post on the page that they have ‘done a drop’, give some clues as to where you may find them and then members can go on a treasure hunt with their children. Many of the rocks have also found by the public out on a walk, rocks usually have a website written on the back so anyone who finds the rock is directed to a page explaining what it is all about. Alex had a great time, climbing funny looking trees, searching down some of the small drains and around the bottom of trees and in the gardens. What I loved about this so much was that the rocks had been hidden by children, they were in random places that only kids would leave something. Hiding the rocks again for someone else to find was just as much fun as finding a stone. 

Follow along at https://www.facebook.com/kidsplayNZ/ or https://www.instagram.com/kidsplaynz/ for more adventures with us.

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